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Eat🍦 Sleep 💤 & Lift 🏋🏻‍♀️ Great ideas will come 💭

Should UX Designers Have to Return to the Office?

What is the bandwagon effect?

No, standardization doesn’t stifle creativity

What is the “right” problem to solve?

Nobody wants your product until they want what it enables them to do.

To know what customers want to do, we need to understand the pain point(s) that caused them to look for a solution. If you can uncover that underlying motivation, you have a good chance of solving the “right” problem.

How does anchoring bias affect decision-making?

Laws of UX outside the screens

1. You’re up to date on the latest tools and design processes

UI Copy: Sign In vs Log In

  • Using Create Account implies an action to create an account that users can later return to and…

1. Celebrate and take a break

Kim Chung

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